What We Do


Education agencies have implemented data systems which collect and store student, staff, and financial data. Few, however, have been able to fully utilize these systems to support continuous educational improvement. Proving Ground has developed an innovative approach to supplement agencies’ capacity to effectively analyze their data to address educational improvement challenges.


Automated data transfer with secure storage
Safely transfer data to a secure server using an encrypted data transfer protocol.

Analysis of program impact
Determine program impact overall and by student characteristics, baseline achievement, and other relevant factors to determine whether a given program is more effective for some students than others.

Rapid-cycle implementation analysis
Review implementation data to identify potential barriers to successful implementation.

Timely, accessible, and actionable reports
Education agencies are provided with data visualization tools and online reports.


Online resources and virtual forums
Connect with other partners, share resources, and receive support from members of the Proving Ground community.

Jointly pilot programs
Participate in network-wide pilot programs in order to evaluate program impact.

Networking opportunities
Join CEPR’s growing network of over 120 education agencies and 30 affiliated faculty


Action-oriented workshops
Focus on addressing practical problems using real data to work towards actionable solutions.

Training on the use of data visualization tools
Receive hands-on and virtual training on analytic tools to build internal agency capacity.

Transforming analyses into action
Learn to interpret analyses and develop tactical plans to improve program efficacy.