Proving Ground Network

The Proving Ground Network supports partner districts in continuous improvement through data analysis, strategic advice, hands-on assistance, and peer networking opportunities. Through these diverse supports and strategic interactions, Proving Ground helps districts to:

  • identify potential solutions to relevant issues,
  • quickly and reliably assess the impact of their chosen solutions,
  • act on evidence to continuously improve implementation; and,
  • learn to use new and better evidence to make decisions about how to invest resources and improve student achievement.

  Network Overview (pdf)

Our Partnership with Districts

By engaging in three mutually-supportive activities over the course of our multi-year partnership, partners apply Proving Ground's comprehensive continuous improvement approach to address a challenge that serves as a barrier to student achievement.

data_analysisData Analysis

Proving Ground will:

  • Analyze district data and generate timely reports on findings.
  • Provide an online dashboard for districts to view their data.
  • Provide analyses that meet federal evidence standards.

Each district will:

  • Assess its historical performance.
  • Use data to identify challenges and successes.
  • Monitor implementation progress.
  • Act on evidence to identify next steps.

education_iconStrategic Advice and Hands-On Assistance

Proving Ground will:

  • Lead working sessions with district and school teams to review evidence and develop solutions.
  • Meet on site with district leadership teams to discuss evidence and prioritize solutions.
  • Share potential solutions that have a track record of success.

Each district will:

  • Learn to use evidence to make decisions.
  • Understand the root causes of challenges.
  • Understand how to better align resources to solve challenges.
  • Work across departments to achieve set objectives.

network iconPeer Networking Opportunities

Proving Ground will:

  • Convene network members and experts annually.
  • Lead virtual sessions for districts to work together and solve problems.
  • Provide an online collaboration and resource-sharing portal.
  • Host interactive webinars.

Each district will:

  • Share resources, ideas, and promising practices with other network members.
  • Solve common problems by identifying and testing solutions with other network members.
  • Learn from experts in the field.

Meeting Individual District Needs on Their Timeline

Because districts have different internal capacities and contexts, groups of network members may test different solutions. For example, some districts may choose to test new parental engagement strategies; others may test a public messaging campaign. Some districts may test multiple solutions at once.

For each solution network members choose to test, Proving Ground helps individual districts tailor their test based on the district’s capacity and resources. Proving Ground also works with district’s unique schedules to ensure that the timing of the testing phase aligns with each district’s academic, hiring, and budget timelines.