Proving Ground’s partners join a growing network of education agencies dedicated to working together to address shared challenges with laser focus.

Partners don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Rather than relying on anecdotal advice or popular trends, network partners have access to real and relevant data from across the Proving Ground Network, which comprises nearly 60 partners serving close to 500,000 students. While network partners may test different solutions due to varying capacity and context, all partners benefit from shared insights on what works and what doesn’t. You won’t have to start from scratch. 

And they find what works quickly. With Proving Ground’s strategic advice and hands-on assistance, partners conduct studies across districts, testing multiple solutions and interventions simultaneously. Focusing on a single, shared challenge at a time maximizes the network’s capacity to find viable solutions to one problem quickly.

More about the Proving Ground Network

Working with the Proving Ground Network

The Proving Ground Network supports partner districts in continuous improvement through data analysis, strategic advice, hands-on assistance, and peer networking opportunities.

data_analysisData Analysis

Proving Ground will:

  • Analyze district data and generate timely reports on findings.
  • Provide an online dashboard for districts to view their data.
  • Provide analyses that meet federal evidence standards.

Each district will:

  • Assess its historical performance.
  • Use data to identify challenges and successes.
  • Monitor implementation progress.
  • Act on evidence to identify next steps.

education_iconStrategic Advice and Hands-On Assistance

Proving Ground will:

  • Lead working sessions with district and school teams to review evidence and develop solutions.
  • Meet on site with district leadership teams to discuss evidence and prioritize solutions.
  • Share potential solutions that have a track record of success.

Each district will:

  • Learn to use evidence to make decisions.
  • Understand the root causes of challenges.
  • Understand how to better align resources to solve challenges.
  • Work across departments to achieve set objectives.

network iconPeer Networking Opportunities

Proving Ground will:

  • Convene network members and experts annually.
  • Lead virtual sessions for districts to work together and solve problems.
  • Provide an online collaboration and resource-sharing portal.
  • Host interactive webinars.

Each district will:

  • Share resources, ideas, and promising practices with other network members.
  • Solve common problems by identifying and testing solutions with other network members.
  • Learn from experts in the field.