Proving Ground’s continuous improvement process helps our partners better understand their challenges by using evidence to rapidly identify and implement solutions that work for students, families, and schools.

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Understand the Challenge

We begin our work with each district by analyzing the district’s historical data and conducting interviews with district and school staff. Through this process, we help the district uncover key issues and trends that contribute to the challenge each district seeks to address.

Identify Potential Solutions

Proving Ground then leads each district through a process of uncovering the root causes of its challenges. We help the district identify potential solutions and work with the district’s leadership team to prioritize these solutions.

Test the Solution(s)

Proving Ground helps each district design and implement the solution(s) in a measurable way. During the testing phase, we provide reports on findings every six to eight weeks, depending on the solution being tested.

Examine Findings and Determine Next Steps

Proving Ground then works with each district to determine how to act on the findings. If the solution is producing the desired results, the district may decide to scale up. If the solution is underperforming, the district may decide to make adjustments and continue testing, or it may decide to stop implementation and try an entirely new solution.