Our Impact

Proving Ground empowers education agencies to accelerate school improvement by acting on their own data and designing solutions customized for their students and families. By joining a growing network of districts committed to addressing similar challenges, partners amplify their actionable insights and peer support.


Proving Ground partners see measurable results.

During the 2018-19 school year, two Proving Ground network partners piloted a postcard intervention designed to reduce absenteeism by addressing parents’ misconceptions about the value of education in early grades and their child’s total number of absences. The intervention reduced absences by nearly 8% across the districts. That’s an estimated 7,000 instructional days gained over the course of one school year! Learning from these two partners, another three partners piloted these postcards in 2019-20, with similarly promising results.

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"Proving Ground differs from our other researcher-practitioner partnerships in that many of them are focused on simply the efficacy of a particular program. Proving Ground answers that, but then says, ‘What are you going to do about it in an actionable way? And how can we leverage other partners across the country to really take your implementation to the next level?"

John Rice, District of Columbia Public Schools


Expansive Reach of the Proving Ground Process

Proving Ground helps our partners make continuous improvement business-as-usual. Two Ohio districts had already begun to expand their application of Proving Ground’s approach to issues like academics and tardiness when the coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools nationwide.

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Tackling Chronic Absenteeism through Continuous Improvement

Learn how three districts, among many others in the Proving Ground network, are moving the needle on chronic absenteeism using our continuous improvement framework.

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