Improving Improvement: Introduction

March 23, 2020

NNERPP featured Proving Ground and the National Center for Rural Education Research Networks in their newsletter. They will continue to cover different aspects of the project in a series. 

Improving Improvement is a new series in NNERPP Extra focused on leveraging the power of research-practice partnerships (RPPs) to build schools’, districts’, and states’ capacity to improve. As the leaders of Proving Ground, we are excited for the opportunity to share lessons about bridging the research-practice divide drawn from our experience supporting two continuous improvement networks in the never-ending quest to find better ways to serve students and families. These lessons range from insights about how to support education agencies in tackling fundamental challenges like chronic absenteeism to lessons our partners have learned as they work with us. We’ll also share our “Proving Ground How-to Guides,” short briefs to help practitioners select and implement the interventions partners in our networks have found effective. Finally, we hope that “Improving Improvement” will be a two-way conversation, and you will reach out to us with any questions, comments, or insights of your own along the way.


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