Harvard Helps With Absentee Rates At Schools

March 19, 2019

Proving Ground Director, Bi Vuong, was interviewed on Sundial on WLRN about Proving Ground's work with Palm Beach County School District.

Harvard University has been working with eight school districts across the country, one of them Palm Beach County Schools, to reduce the level of absenteeism in classrooms. The university’s Proving Ground Program is part of the Center for Education Policy and Research, is trying to find the best practices to lower absenteeism rates in schools through fliers, emails, texts, and robocalls. According to the director of the program, Bi Voung, missing a total of 18 days of school is equivalent to half a year of learning loss. Vuong joined Sundial to talk about how the data she and the team of researchers collected on Palm Beach County Schools is helping reduce absentee rates.


Listen to the interview on WLRN.