Cleveland Browns Foundation launches statewide initiative to improve school attendance

August 2, 2019 highlights the partnership between the Cleveland Browns Foundation, the Ohio Department of Education and Proving Ground.



To expand the “Get 2 School” program statewide, the Browns Foundation has partnered with the Ohio Department of Education and Proving Ground, an initiative of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.

Proving Ground started about three years ago to help school leaders nationwide integrate data analysis into their decision-making, said Director Bi Vuong. It also facilitates a network of district leaders to compare strategies and receive hands-on advice, she said.

“Proving Ground is committed to supporting and bringing districts together to collaborate on their shared challenges, including chronic absenteeism,” Vuong said.

The Browns initiative includes 13 “action districts,” four urban and nine rural, that will work or continue working with Proving Ground to implement strategies, evaluate them and share findings with the rest of the network.